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6 best running shoes for women under Rs 2000

6 best running shoes for women under Rs 2000

Published: 16 Oct 2023, 12:00 pm IST

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes can be like finding a needle in the haystack, but at least in the end, it’s worth it! If you’re a fitness enthusiast on a budget, we have put together a list of best running shoes for women, covering some of the top brands to support your active lifestyle. These affordable, stylish and performance-driven running shoes running shoes under Rs 2000 ar truly fantastic finds, and will make your running experience comfortable.

How to choose the right running shoes?

Before we dish out the choices of the best running shoes for women, we have shortlisted for you, let us give you a sneak peek into the most important features you should consider while buying a pair of running shoes, price irrespective.

* Foot Type: Consider whether you have high arches, flat feet or a neutral arch, and choose shoes that cater to your foot type.
* Terrain: Think about where you’ll be running. Some shoes are better suited for trails, while others are designed for road running.
* Fit: Ensure the shoes fit snugly but leave enough room for your toes to wiggle.
* Cushioning: Look for shoes with adequate cushioning to protect your feet from the impact of running.
* Support: The right shoes should offer support to your arches and heels to prevent injuries.
* Breathability: Good airflow helps to keep your feet cool and dry.
* Traction: A reliable grip ensures you won’t slip, even on wet or uneven surfaces.
* Durability: You want your shoes to last, so choose materials and construction that can handle the miles.
* Style: Hey, we get it! Everyone cares about aesthetics! Besides its basic functions, you want your shoes to look good too.
* Budget: It’s last, but not the least! Staying under Rs 2000 doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. All the options listed here are affordable and offer great value for money.

Best running shoes for women in India

With so many options out there, it’s easy to get lost in the variety. So, here’s a list to help you find what fits you and your choice best! Besides, some of these are on

1. Adidas Women’s Glarus W Running Shoes

The Adidas Women’s Glarus W Running Shoes are a match made in sneaker heaven for every woman who is serious about her runs. These kicks are a stunning blend of style and performance. With a breathable upper and responsive cushioning, they make every step a breeze. The EVA midsole ensures comfort, even during long runs, and the durable rubber outsole provides excellent grip. If you’re looking for a running partner, these shoes have got your back… oops, feet!

2. Reebok Women’s Wonder Run W Running Shoe

Calling all speed divas! The Reebok Women’s Wonder Run W Running Shoe is designed for those who want to run in style. These shoes offer great support and stability, thanks to their synthetic and textile build. They’re lightweight, which is a must for those looking to break personal speed records. The high abrasion rubber outsole guarantees durability. So, whether you’re sprinting or jogging, these shoes can keep up with your pace. Users say this is a value-for-money product.

3. Puma Women’s Flyer Runner Engineered Knit Running Shoe

For those who prefer their runs with a side of fashion, check out the Puma Women’s Flyer Runner Engineered Knit Running Shoe. These shoes are sleek, modern and built for comfort. The engineered knit upper offers breathability and a snug fit. The cushioned midsole ensures a responsive ride, while the rubber outsole provides excellent traction. If you’re a trendsetter and a fitness enthusiast, these shoes are a must-add to your collection.

4. Sparx Women’s Sx0167l Running Shoe

The Sparx Women’s Sx0167l Running Shoe is all about versatility and style. These shoes are perfect for both running and casual wear. The design is contemporary, and the materials used are top-notch. With a comfortable insole and padded collar, you will feel like you’re running on clouds. The slip-resistant sole adds an extra layer of safety to your workouts, making these kicks a real winner in the budget category.

5. CULTSPORT Active Women’s Running Shoes

CULTSPORT is all about enhancing your fitness journey, and their Active Women’s Running Shoes do that. These shoes come with enhanced cushioning to minimise the impact on your joints. They are super lightweight, which means you can go the extra mile without feeling weighed down. The breathable design keeps your feet fresh, even during the sweatiest workouts. If you’re serious about your running goals, these shoes will help you get there in style.

6. Campus Women’s Olivia Running Shoes

The Campus Women’s Olivia Running Shoes offer a balance of comfort, style and durability. The padded footbed ensures that your feet stay comfortable, even on longer runs. They’re a fantastic choice for those who want something functional and affordable. Plus, the vibrant design will make you stand out on the track!

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Importance of choosing the right running shoes

Wearing the right running shoes can make or break your fitness journey. Here’s why it is crucial!

* Injury prevention: Proper shoes can reduce the risk of common running injuries like shin splints and plantar fasciitis.
* Enhanced performance: The right shoes can improve your running posture and gait, boosting your performance.
* Comfort: Your feet will thank you for the support and cushioning, especially during long runs.
* Durability: Quality shoes last longer, saving you money in the long run.
* Style confidence: Let’s be honest – stylish shoes make you want to hit the track more often!

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Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just getting started on your fitness journey, investing in one of the best running shoes for women can make a world of difference. With comfort, style, and performance as your top priorities, you’re all set to conquer.

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