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World Environment Day: 7 celebs reveal their little eco-friendly habits for big environmental impact

World Environment Day: 7 celebs reveal their little eco-friendly habits for big environmental impact

Every small change is significant when it comes to efforts to saving the environment. Just exclaiming that “climate change is real” every time it rains out of season, is not going to be enough. It’s time you be your own eco-friendly warrior to ensure we are living healthier lives. This World Environment Day, in the pursuit to create awareness and encourage action towards sustainability, Health Shots reached out to Bollywood celebrities to ask them about their everyday eco-friendly habits. Come, let’s find out!

The film industry has noted environmentally-conscious celebrities such as Dia Mirza and Bhumi Pednekar, who are walking the talk. But behind the scenes too, there are many who champion sustainable living through their daily habits. From Neha Dhupia and Divya Dutta to Kubbra Sait and Palak Tiwari, we spoke to these celebrities to know the top 3 things they do for a cleaner and greener environment.

Neha Dhupia: “Angad and I have switched to e-bikes for short distance travel”

Neha Dhupia eco-friendly habits
Neha Dhupia shares her eco-friendly habits on World Environment Day! Image courtesy: Instagram | Neha Dhupia

Water wastage is scary. There is never going to be non-stop flow of water. So, we believe in working with smaller quantities, staying away from fun and games when it comes to kids, or turning off the taps while brushing. We also avoid using single-use plastic (side effects of plastic)… It’s a no-no! And thirdly, what Angad (husband Angad Bedi) and I have both done is switched to e-bikes. We use it to travel shorter distances.

We try to work towards sustainable practices, and almost every day there’s a new lesson we learn and teach when it comes to the environment. We’ve got to save it every day – not just one day! People often think, “Itne se kya hoga”. But that’s where saving the environment starts from!

Divya Dutta: “I provide food and water for birds”

Divya Dutta on Environment Day
Divya Dutta says she loved organic food. Image courtesy: Instagram | Divya Dutta

I enjoy having as much laal mitti around me, and plants (benefits of indoor plants). Otherwise, we tend to get lost in the concrete jungle of city life. I also provide food and water for birds. Besides that, I like to go back to basics when it comes to living, including consumption of organic food.

Kubbra Sait: “I switch off lights and shut the water tap when not in use”

Kubbra Sait
Kubbra Sait reveals the 3 top things she does to save the environment. Image courtesy: Instagram | Kubbra Sait

I carry my own water bottle instead of buying new bottles regularly. I switch off lights when they are not important. I also shut the water tap while brushing the teeth, except when I wash my brush and rinse my mouth. These are some simple things, but they work like magic. Being aware of the little things you do has a greater impact than you realise.

Palak Tiwari: “I use reusable makeup pads and carry my sippy cup”

Palak Tiwari talks about environment
Palak Tiwari urges people to carry their own sippy cubs and bottles! Image courtesy: Instagram | Palak Tiwari

I feel all of us can do a lot more collectively to save the environment. I personally like to use reusable make-up pads instead of disposable ones or make-up wipes which are awful for the environment. I use a reusable bottle, and believe in carrying a sippy cup! I also prefer sustainable packaging while shopping, and have a habit of segregating waste for recycling. Tiny things like that can make a huge impact.

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Isha Talwar: “I haven’t used AC in my room or car in 12 years”

Isha Talwar
Isha Talwar believes in judicious use of air conditioners for the environment. Image courtesy: Instagram | Isha Talwar

I use a lot of hair care and skin care ingredients from the kitchen, which means no chemicals, and plastic is avoided too. I carry my own food dabbas and bottles to the shooting set. I don’t usually order food from apps and prefer going to restaurants and eating.

I haven’t used the air conditioner in about 12 years now – not in my room, not in my car. In my vanity van, I use it for just about 45 minutes for hair and make-up artistes to get the job done. Rest of the day, I make sure all the electrical in my van is off (when it is not in use).

I use a lot of local transport such as trains, metro and shared rides with friends when heading out to movie premieres, shooting sets and travelling with my team. This means make-up and hair artistes, a personal assistant and sometimes my manager all in one car!

Surveen Chawla: “I donate clothes and goods for reuse”

Surveen Chawla
Reuse is good for the environment. Image courtesy: Instagram | Surveen Chawla

On a day-to-day basis, I ensure that my groceries come in cloth bags or they are carried home in a trolley. I also donate a lot of goods such as clothes, equipment, children’s toys etc regularly, promoting the idea of reuse.

We also tend to be a little conscious about how we use water in our daily lives. It could mean having a bath with a bucket or making sure the shower is off when not needed. These are some ways of being conscious for our environment and trying to prevent a catastrophe in future. Global warming is the real deal. We are seeing this on a day-to-day basis and everything we do contributes to that.

Sanjana Sanghi: “I carry a travel-size cutlery kit”

Sanjana Sanghi
Sanjana Sanghi carries her own cutlery. Image courtesy: Instagram | Sanjana Sanghi

I make sure that you’ll never find a single plastic bottle in my house. My dear friend and co-star Dia Mirza introduced me to the lovely concept of a ‘travelling bottle’ so that whenever you’re out and about, you’re only refilling that bottle.

I also use sanitary napkins only made using sustainable methods. I always separate wet and dry waste at home, and carry a small travel size cutlery kit on the go so that no plastic cutlery is used. This also includes a collapsible plate and bowl!

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