Home Beauty tools Vitamin D deficiency can affect your sex life in these ways

Vitamin D deficiency can affect your sex life in these ways

Vitamin D deficiency can affect your sex life in these ways

Vitamins are a very key element of healthy growth and development for every person. Each vitamin has its own relevance in determining an individual’s health. While you may be aware of how a vitamin D deficiency can lead to low bone density, hair loss and fatigue, your sexual health may also be affected. From sexual desire in women to lower testosterone in men – lack of vitamin D can affect the sexual life of a couple in various ways.

Sunlight is considered to be one of the best sources of vitamin D. But some foods such as mushroom, egg yolks and fatty fish can be good for this vitamin too. Also, just as certain foods and nutrients can boost your sexual desire, a deficiency of some elements can also reduce sex drive. Vitamin D is one such nutrient. Vitamin D absorption is also essential as it can regulate calcium and phosphate levels in the human body.

Come, let us find out about the side effects of vitamin D deficiency and its impact on sexual health.

1. Your sexual desire may be affected by vitamin D deficiency

Low on vitamin D? A 2016 study published in European Journal of Obstetrics Gynaecology and Reproductive Biology, indicates that it can lead to abnormal female sexual functioning, apart from driving depression symptoms. A lower rate of orgasm was also noted in the study.

Lack of sex drive
Men and women may feel a lack of sex drive due to vitamin D deficiency. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Lack of vitamin D may lead to lack of sexual satisfaction

The same study, which included 14 women with vitamin D deficiency, an equal number of women with vitamin D insufficiency, as well as 14 matched healthy women, women with vitamin D deficiency displayed lower levels of sexual satisfaction.

3. Affects sexual desire in men too

Lack of vitamin D not just affects sexual function in women, but in men too. The International Journal of Impotence Research cites a 2018 study on the effect of low vitamin D status on sexual functioning and depressive symptoms in apparently healthy men. As per its results, low vitamin D levels can affect male sexual functioning, including aspects such as erectile function, orgasmic function, and sexual desire.

4. It can cause erectile dysfunction in men

Another research published in the World Journal of Men’s Health corroborates that vitamin D deficiency causes erectile dysfunction. It notes that this vitamin is essential for the anatomical development of the penis.

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Vitamin D deficiency and erectile dysfunction
Vitamin D deficiency could lead to penile issues. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Low testosterone levels

A Danish research cited by media indicates a link between vitamin D and testosterone production. A lack of this sex hormone is essential for a good sex drive. As per various studies, lower testosterone production can lead to reduced energy, lesser muscle mass, lack of sexual desire and greater risk of osteoporosis.

6. Vitamin D deficiency and metabolic syndrome

Women in the postmenopausal phase and with vitamin D deficiency can be more susceptible to metabolic syndrome. The prevalence of metabolic problems can lead to conditions such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension, which too can affect sex life. Women may be prescribed vitamin D supplement to boost hormone levels, if suffering from PCOS.

How to keep your vitamin D levels in check?

The importance of daily sunlight exposure cannot be undermined in vitamin D consumption. Besides that, keep your food and supplement intake in check.

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