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Vaginal hygiene tips to follow in monsoon

Vaginal hygiene tips to follow in monsoon

Monsoon may be a relief from the oppressive heat, but this refreshing downpour can also foster an environment conducive to bacterial and fungal growth. This is especially significant when it comes to vaginal health for women across all age groups, including pregnant mothers. There are many ways to maintain good vaginal hygiene during monsoon.

Did you know that your vagina is a self-cleaning organ? The acidic pH in your vagina offers a delicate balance of healthy bacteria and yeast. However, monsoon humidity can disrupt this balance and vaginal infections may happen leading to health concerns. Hence, maintaining vaginal hygiene is crucial, not only for comfort but also to prevent health complications.

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Sex is not the only cause of vaginal pain. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Monsoon care for your vagina

1. Choose cotton

Cotton undergarments are light, breathable, and less likely to irritate the skin. Moisture may build up in vaginal area during monsoon, which invites unwanted bacteria and yeast. So, it is advisable to ditch the synthetic fabrics and opt for cotton.

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2. Avoid tight clothing

Tight clothes can trap moisture and heat, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Opt for loose, comfortable clothing that allows proper ventilation especially at night. You can wear loose pyjamas or change the inner wear when you are back.

3. Stay hydrated

Water flushes out toxins from the body. Keeping your skin hydrated makes you less susceptible to bacterial growth. It is recommended drink at least eight glasses of water per day despite weather change. I Often tell my patients to keep 3 bottle filled in kitchen and finish them by the day is over

4. Maintain good toilet hygiene

Always wipe from front to back after using the restroom. This prevents bacteria from the anal region from spreading to the vagina. It’s also important to use clean and dry washrooms. It is equally important to keep the area dry.

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Special care for pregnant mothers

Pregnancy becomes a special care since there are hormonal changes, it makes expecting mothers more prone to infections. Therefore, special attention must be given to vaginal hygiene during pregnancy in monsoon.

  • Use unscented, mild soaps: Scented soaps, shower gels, or vaginal washes can irritate the vaginal area and disrupt its natural pH balance. Opt for unscented, mild soaps instead or may be washing with water and drying off is simple and better solution.
  • Regular prenatal check-ups: Regular prenatal check-ups help monitor vaginal health and timely detection of any potential infections.
  • Proper sanitation of undergarments: Always ensure that your underwear is properly cleaned and dried before use, as damp undergarments can cause fungal infections.

Diet and probiotics for vaginal health

Since childhood we have heard ‘you are what you eat’. This holds true for vaginal health too. During monsoon, consume a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Foods like yogurt and other fermented foods are rich in probiotics which promote a healthy vaginal microbiome.

diet for maintaining vaginal health
Eating right is also important to maintain vaginal health. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Regular medical check-ups

It is time to create awareness about regular gynaecological examinations for early detection and treatment of infection for women of all ages. Particularly pregnant mothers should prioritise regular check-ups.

Every woman is unique and what might work for one woman may not work for another. So, your vaginal health needs could also be different. Pay attention to your body’s responses to different hygiene practices and adapt your routine accordingly.

Monsoon while beautiful and refreshing can pose certain challenges to vaginal health. However, through conscious efforts in maintaining hygiene and regular health check-ups, women can enjoy this magical season without compromising their comfort and well-being.

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