Home Beauty tools The 2023 SELF Healthy Beauty Awards: The Best New Serums, Masks, and Spot Treatments to Level Up Your Skin Care Routine

The 2023 SELF Healthy Beauty Awards: The Best New Serums, Masks, and Spot Treatments to Level Up Your Skin Care Routine

The 2023 SELF Healthy Beauty Awards: The Best New Serums, Masks, and Spot Treatments to Level Up Your Skin Care Routine

Bonus points, per the experts: It’s made with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and green tea extract, three ingredients that soothe redness and promote plump, dewy skin.

One tester said: “This has worked really, really well for me, as it nourishes and doesn’t irritate. Honestly, I’d go buy it at the store tomorrow.”

Just so you know: It also contains fragrances, which may upset sensitive skin.

The Best Essence (Splurge): True Botanicals Microbiome Enzyme Essence

If you have DDDs—that is, dehydrated, dry, and dull skin—an essence like this one from True Botanicals can help polish and hydrate simultaneously. With ingredients like lime, papaya, and pineapple, it’s basically a smoothie for your face.

Bonus points, per the experts: This product is formulated with soothing and moisturizing ingredients like aloe, green tea extract, and glycerin.

One tester said: “I absolutely loved this essence. I use it every day as a part of my routine now, and given that it’s visibly and immediately hydrating, I feel that it saved my skin from my regular use of actives.”

The Best Sheet Mask: BioRepublic Ultra Soothing InvisaMask

Pro tip: Keep your fridge stocked with at least one sheet mask for any time you need a cooldown (physical or mental). Another pro tip: Make it this one from BioRepublic, which testers say is easy to put on and doesn’t move around while you’re wearing it. It’s packed with calming ingredients too.

Bonus points, per the experts: You’ll find soothing allantoin, calendula, and peptides in here, along with moisturizing squalane.

One tester said: “My perpetually dry skin loves this sheet mask. It stayed put without any issue—something many sheet masks can’t do—and delivers on providing hydration, radiance, and reducing dullness.”

The Best Sheet Mask (Splurge): Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Skin Barrier Moisturizing Mask

Here’s another impressive sheet mask if you have a little more wiggle room in your budget. This Dr.Jart+ pick is great for dry or dehydrated skin, and it’s packed with soothing ingredients. 

Bonus points, per the experts: Allantoin, panthenol, and ceramides all help to quell redness.

One tester said: “This is a powerful mask that gave me a boost of moisture in just 20 minutes. I’d highly recommend it for when you’re feeling parched and need some TLC.”

Just so you know: This product contains dyes, which can be irritating for sensitive skin.

The Best Clarifying Face Mask: Fenty Skin Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Pore Detox Face Mask

Another winner from Fenty Skin, this whipped clay mask looks good enough to eat. (But…please don’t.) It’s great as a once-in-a-while reset during a night of self-care, especially if you’re oily or acne-prone.

Bonus points, per the experts: This product contains salicylic acid, a hero zit-fighting ingredient, plus glycerin and shea butter to keep you moisturized.

One tester said: “OMG, I don’t want any other charcoal mask on my face ever again! Beyond the chic and playful packaging, the goop itself feels luxurious. Immediately afterward my face felt so smooth and soft, and the results were still noticeable the next morning.”

The Best Brightening Face Mask: Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial

Drunk Elephant has done it again, folks. This active-packed mask tackles multiple skin issues at once, making it a functional product that we can pretty much guarantee you’ll reach for again and again, whether you’re managing acne scars or an uneven skin tone.

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