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Taylor Swift Workout Playlist: All of the Star’s Best Pump-Up Hits

Taylor Swift Workout Playlist: All of the Star’s Best Pump-Up Hits

There has never been a better time to be a Swiftie. During the first leg of her record-breaking Eras Tour, which recently came to a close, Taylor Swift reminded us just how much artistic ground she’s covered in her decades-spanning career. Thanks to her constant evolution between genres and aesthetics, my forever favorite popstar and Comfort Celebrity has moved and grown with me through so many phases.

I’m a lifelong believer that Taylor Swift has a song for every situation, and workouts are no exception. Whether you’re into Folklore-worthy forest hikes, or you prefer to take Taylor’s signature power-strut to the treadmill, there’s a song in her massive discography guaranteed to match your exact energy.

Nostalgic throwbacks like “Picture to Burn” and “You Belong With Me” deliver the perfect adrenaline shot of glittery teen angst. “The Way I Loved You,” “New Romantics,” and “Getaway Car” practically demand that you get up and run (or dance), and “Don’t Blame Me” and “Bejeweled” will remind you that you look good while doing it. You can also count on the queen of the pump-up bridge to deliver the mid-song pushes you need to meet your goals (I’m looking at you, “Cruel Summer”). And it feels like a no-brainer to cool down to “Karma”—Taylor’s own walk-off song in her Eras Tour set, and the affirmation anthem you should take out of any workout.

Although this playlist was crafted and ordered with the perfectly romanticized workout in mind, it’s not exercise-exclusive. These are the songs I have on repeat when I’m feeling short on motivation or confidence, or when I want to keep a good mood rolling. Save it for whenever you need the best kind of hype-up: Taylor’s Version.

Full Playlist:

  1. I Did Something Bad
  2. Death by a Thousand Cuts
  3. Picture to Burn
  4. I Think He Knows
  5. Hits Different
  6. The Man
  7. Sparks Fly (Taylor’s Version)
  8. New Romantics
  9. You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)
  10. Story of Us (Taylor’s Version)
  11. The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s Version)
  12. Don’t Blame Me
  13. Bejeweled
  14. …Ready for It?
  15. Bad Blood
  16. Cruel Summer
  17. Getaway Car
  18. Style
  19. August
  20. Karma

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