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Shaving pubic hair during pregnancy: Dos and don’ts

Shaving pubic hair during pregnancy: Dos and don’ts

Intimate hygiene shouldn’t take a backseat even if you’re pregnant. However must you shave pubic hair throughout being pregnant?

Shaving pubic hair is one approach to keep intimate hygiene, however is it protected throughout being pregnant? Whereas pubic or perineal shaving is a typical observe when would-be mothers are prepped for supply, it could not at all times be suggested {that a} lady does it on her personal. After just a few weeks of being pregnant, girls are usually not in a position to see beneath their stomach bump and should find yourself dealing with negative effects if issues go improper. Does that imply girls skip shaving pubic hair throughout being pregnant?

What’s pubic hair?

Pubic hair is the hair that grows within the genital space, masking the pubic area. It’s a secondary sexual attribute that seems throughout puberty and varies in thickness, color and texture amongst people, says Dr Mridula Devi, an knowledgeable in maternal-fetal medication, obstetrics and gynaecology.

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Shaving pubic hair throughout being pregnant could have negative effects. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Can girls shave pubic hair throughout being pregnant?

Shaving pubic hair could make it simpler to keep up private hygiene throughout being pregnant, however there could also be some negative effects.

1. Pores and skin irritation

Shaving pubic hair could cause pores and skin irritation, redness or itching. They could be extra pronounced throughout being pregnant as a result of elevated sensitivity, says the knowledgeable.

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2. Ingrown hair

Shaving will increase the chance of ingrown hair, which could be uncomfortable. It might additionally result in an infection if not correctly handled.

3. Danger of cuts

Being pregnant can alter a girl’s heart of gravity. This makes it more difficult to navigate whereas shaving and growing the chance of unintended cuts.

4. An infection danger

Any open cuts or nicks from shaving pubic hair can doubtlessly pose a better danger of an infection throughout being pregnant.

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Choosing clipping or trimming of pubic hair, reasonably than shaving, is commonly thought-about a better option, says Dr Devi. Trimming can shorten your pubic hair with out reducing too near your pores and skin. Microscopic abrasions related to shaving would possibly enhance the chance of infections. So, selecting a gentler method like clipping helps to keep up hygiene with out the potential drawbacks related to shaving, selling a extra snug expertise.

What are the dos and don’ts of shaving pubic hair throughout being pregnant?

If you happen to nonetheless want to do away with pubic hair throughout being pregnant, be sure to maintain just a few issues in thoughts.


• Use a light shaving cream or gel to assist to cut back pores and skin irritation.
• Use a clear and sharp razor, as a boring one can enhance the chance of nicks and irritation.
• Shave in a well-lit space to minimise the chance of accidents.
• Throughout being pregnant, you may get dizzy and fall whereas attempting to look out down, so lean again in opposition to a chair or seated rest room whereas shaving.
• Use a handheld mirror to get a greater view of your vulva. It might probably assist to look at your self whereas shaving pubic hair.
• Rinse with cool water to cut back redness or soothe your pores and skin.
• Gently pat your personal space dry with a tender towel, as doing it roughly could cause irritation.

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After shaving, rinse your personal space with cool water. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory


• Skip merchandise with robust fragrances or harsh chemical compounds that will irritate the pores and skin.
• Keep away from sizzling baths instantly after shaving, as sizzling water can exacerbate pores and skin irritation. So, it’s finest to attend a bit earlier than taking a sizzling bathtub.
• Shave within the route of your hair progress to cut back the chance of ingrown hairs.

Shaving pubic hair throughout being pregnant is a private alternative. And for those who want to do it, be sure to comply with the foundations.

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