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Review: Serious Skin Care’s FirmA-Face – The Beauty Biz

Review: Serious Skin Care’s FirmA-Face – The Beauty Biz

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A cream that promises an instant facelift

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky
April 5 2010

Serious Skin Care's FirmA-Face

Serious Skin Care is usually a credible skin care line from the wife of Sylvester Stallone – Jennifer Flavin-Stallone. Unfortunately, Firm-A-Face does not live up to the reputation of the line as a whole.

The promise made both on TV and on the product itself are that Firm-A-Face provides a very slight face “lift” if applied correctly. There are however, three major problems. First, it is difficult to determine the right amount of product to apply in order to get the desired results. It will take several hit and miss efforts before one sees the promised results.

The second problem is that the cream must be applied in a thin, even coat. If the application is too thin or too thick it will not work at all.

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Thirdly, the intended results, which include a light tightening around the eyes, forehead, mouth and nose, are extremely temporary in nature. They disappear as soon as the product is rinse off as outlined in the (clear-cut) instructions.

Before using Firm-A-Face, the facial area must be cleansed of any makeup and dirt. The skin must also be totally dry. This process will take about 5 to 10 minutes of preparation.

Once the cream is applied in a thin, even coat, the muscles of the face must be held completely still for about 5 minutes. This gives the product time to dry to do its lifting magic. If the product is applied correctly, the wearer will feel and be able to see the tightening action in the mirror.

After the tightening has stopped, it is time to rinse the face with splashes of cool water. The customer is advised to use his or her fingertips to pat excess product away so that none remains on the face. If it does, it will show an unsightly white scaley-looking film.

According to Serious Skin Care, the face should retighten as it dries. Unfortunately, I found no evidence of that fact. As far as I could tell Firm-A-Face’s “nanoencapsulated technology” provided nothing more than a momentary illusion of lift. I find much better results with the company’s Inst-A-Tox.

I cannot therefore, in good conscious recommend this product even if it was one tenth of its very expensive $49.99 price tag. This one is quite simply a dud

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