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Review: Schick Quattro For Women High Performance Razor – The Beauty Biz

Review: Schick Quattro For Women High Performance Razor – The Beauty Biz

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A very pretty razor that gives a smooth shave

Author: Chrissie K
June 22 2007

Schick Quattro for Women High Performance Razor

I am one of those girls that is very picky about my razor, particularly now the thermometer is climbing and more skin is being shown. I just cannot stand having itchy, scratchy legs when I am wearing shorts or a skirt, and I am always on the quest for the perfect razor.

We are all looking for that ideal – a nice close-cut clean shave that lasts. I simply do not have the time to shave my legs every day, with a good razor, you shouldn’t have to. For the past several months I have actually been using men’s razors with the four blade cartridges, and they have been working very nicely – my shave can last as long as three days before I need to shave again.

So when Schick came out with a women’s version that appeared identical to the men’s brand that I was using, I thought I would give it a go.

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The Schick Quattro For Women High Performance Razor is targeted to women, being “modified for a woman’s curves”, with all of the sophistication of a men’s razor. The razor is admittedly very well styled, and since I have a weakness for pretty things I liked it from the beginning. It is part plastic and part metal; the handle is metal with pink plastic grips along the side. At last – a pink razor!

The Schick Quattro For Women design is ergonomic to allow for ease of maneouvering and it comes with a pivoting head to make shaving delicate curves easier. It’s also very easy to snap the razor cartridges into and out of the head; I have tried these kinds of razors before and have had some stumbles along the way, which can be nasty when you are dealing with razor blades. Directions came with the razor and it took less than a few seconds to remove the old cartridge and replace it with the new.

Each cartridge contains four blades with two conditioning strips, one on either side.

The shave itself was very nice; extremely smooth, and the pivoting head worked really well. I did not feel the razor blades scraping my skin as I have with other razors, and the ergonomic design gets in all of those hard-to-reach places. With the dual conditioning strips my skin felt smooth and moisturized as soon as the shave was complete.

My legs felt great, and they looked great as well, and unlike with razors I did not find any “missed” spots. And the razor is pink, so what’s not to like! Well, the downside was that I found pesky itches starting as early as the next day, which was disappointing considering this razor has four blades.

Don’t ask me why, but some razors seem to product a much longer lasting shave than others. For women who are not as picky as me about this, the Schick Quattro For Women High Performance Razor is great; it’s very pretty and gives a good, but not long-lasting shave. So for people who are happy to shave daily, it’s a great product.

But I am fussy, and so until another product comes out that can provide a longer shave for women, I am going to stick with the men’s razors.

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