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Picking flowers for your wedding – The Beauty Biz

Picking flowers for your wedding – The Beauty Biz

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Get flower choice right for your big day

Author: Julia Slovich
May 9 2011

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Are you at a loss as to what flowers to use for your wedding? Do carnations go well with a beach wedding? The whole look of your wedding can feel wrong if you choose inappropriate flower pairings. Since flowers are often responsible for creating the atmosphere at your wedding, “getting it right” is extremely important. Start first with your wedding theme, then consider which flowers to use to complete the look. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Fairy tale wedding Just three words can be used to describe the type of flower that best matches a fairy tale wedding – roses, roses, roses! Reds, pinks, ivory, and white are the usual recommendation. Mix deep and light pink roses with ivory or white roses, wrapped with tulle that is your wedding color. Fairy tale theme flowers are easy because you can’t go wrong with roses.
  2. Beach wedding Most people think choosing the right flowers for a beach wedding is difficult, probably because you rarely see flowers growing at or brought to the beach. Don’t think so hard about it – almost any flower in the right color can look great at the beach. White flowers look absolutely stunning against the sand and any greenery you have. Choose white roses, star lilies (five-pointed lilies), calla lilies, daisies, orchids, or a combination of a few of these.
  3. Sophisticated affair For this theme, you are looking for flowers that scream elegance, class, and grace. You cannot go wrong with calla lilies. Calla lilies are different from water lilies in that they have a much narrower flute and essentially one petal that wraps around. They are both exotic and sophisticated, and your guests will be pleasantly surprised by what they bring to the atmosphere. Carry a single stem down the aisle, a cluster, or mix them with roses – all are elegant ways to use them.
  4. Garden wedding For a back-yard/garden wedding, there is no better flower than the tulip. Mix soft-colored tulips and baby’s breath for the perfect feel. Pink tulips look lovely against the green of your garden. Garden weddings are also conducive to bursts of color! Have an accent color that shows up in all of your flower arrangements. Be daring! Go for something unusual and beautiful.

But remember, these are just guidelines to get you started. The most important thing is to choose what you like best – don’t be afraid to deviate from these tips, it’s your wedding, so do it your way. Put tulips in your bouquet at your sophisticated wedding, have classic red roses at your garden wedding, break the rules! Regardless of what flowers or colors you choose, be satisfied with your finished look and that’s all you need.

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