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Lululemon Labor Day Sale 2023: Save on Leggings, Bras & More

Lululemon Labor Day Sale 2023: Save on Leggings, Bras & More

You may be mourning the end of summer, but it comes with a silver lining: The season shift means amazing discounts on clothes and gear. Right now, Lululemon is offering deals on athleticwear and fitness accessories with its We Made Too Much sale. Although it’s not an official Labor Day sale, it still comes with deep price cuts on SELF editor-approved leggings, sneakers, and more.

The Best Lululemon Labor Day Sale Picks

To help you decide what’s worth adding to your cart, we’ve compiled the best Lululemon deals on products like exercise dresses, sports bras, and backpacks.

  1. lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 25″ originally $98 now $49
  2. lululemon Energy Bra originally $52 now $39
  3. Define Jacket originally $118 now $69
  4. Blissfeel Running Shoe originally $149 now $74
  5. City Adventurer Belt Bag originally $68 now $49

Leggings Deals

Lululemon sells tons of fitness gear, but they may be best known for their iconic leggings. And right now, you can save on the cult-favorite Align pant—which reviewers call “buttery soft”—and other styles.

Align High-Rise Pant (25-in.)

Align High-Rise Pant (28-in.)

Align Ribbed High-Rise Pant (25-in.)

Groove Super-High-Rise Flared Pant Nulu

InStill High-Rise Tight (25-in.)

Wunder Train High-Rise Tight with Pockets (25-in.)

Wunder Train High-Rise Tight (28-in.)

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Sports Bra Deals

Among Lululemon’s sale offerings, there’s an array of sports bras with varying amounts of support and coverage to suit your needs. Go with the cute Align Asymmetrical Bra for more mellow sessions, or the Enlite Front-Zip Bra for higher impact workouts.

Energy Bra Medium Support

Wunder Train Longline Bra Medium Support

Align Asymmetrical Bra Light Support

Free to Be Longline Bra Light Support

Align V-Neck Bra Light Support

All Powered Up Bra Medium Support

Enlite Front-Zip Bra High Support

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Exercise Dress Deals

The exercise dress trend is as popular as ever, and Lululemon has you covered with plenty of high performance options. For a stylish one you can wear out and about, try the Court Crush Tennis Dress.

Everlux Short-Lined Tennis Tank Top Dress (6-in.)

Tiered Pleats Tennis Dress

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Shorts and Skirt Deals

During the sale, you can also snag discounts on shorts and skirts. Go with the Pace Rival Mid-Rise Skirt for something you can wear for working out and lounging.

Hotty Hot Low-Rise Lined Short (4-in.)

Track That Mid-Rise Lined Short (5-in.)

Align High-Rise Short (6-in.)

Pace Rival Mid-Rise Skirt

Court Rival High-Rise Skirt

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Tops and Jacket Deals

During Lululemon’s sale, you can save on tanks, shirts, and jackets, too. Scoop up the top-rated Align Tank Top—great for bust support—in several colors.

Wunder Train Racerback Tank Top

Swiftly Tech Short-Sleeve Shirt 2.0

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0 Race Length

Nulu Cropped Define Jacket

Shoe Deals

If you didn’t already know, Lululemon makes footwear—and they’re some of our favorites. Whether you’re a runner or frequent walker, consider the Blissfeel Running Shoes, which our tester says “lets you forget about what’s on your feet, so you can just enjoy the ride.”

Chargefeel Low Workout Shoe

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Equipment and Accessory Deals

The sale section is also packed with workout accessories, from scrunchies to duffel bags. If you haven’t gotten your hands on the brand’s beloved belt bag, now is the time to grab the City Adventurer version.

City Adventurer Belt Bag (2.5-L.)

Uplifting Scrunchies (7-Pack)

All Day Essentials Duffle Bag (32-L.)

Lightweight Gym Sack (13-L.)

City Adventurer Backpack (20-L.)


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