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Jennifer Aniston Embraced Her Gray Roots, and We’re Very Much Here for It

Jennifer Aniston Embraced Her Gray Roots, and We’re Very Much Here for It

Over the weekend, Jennifer Aniston announced a new product launch from her hair-care line, LolaVie on Instagram—and we couldn’t help but notice a few shining, silver streaks taking center-stage in the clip. 

You might be thinking: “A few grays, what’s the big deal?” But as someone who is known for her iconic blonde blowout—and has been since she rocked “The Rachel” on Friends—it’s refreshing to see that, at 54, even Aniston is embracing nature’s highlights. Then again, we shouldn’t be too surprised, given that she has previously shared her optimistic stance on going gray.

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“You do you! If you want to go gray, go for it!” she told Glamour in September of last year. “If you want to keep coloring your hair, that’s great too. I think everyone should feel confident in whatever choices they make, including embracing natural color or texture.” 

Aniston also emphasized the importance of hair as a form of creative self-expression. “I love that your mood and energy can change with the change of a hairstyle, cut, or color. Embrace whatever is going to make you happy,” she said.

That free-spirited take is one that Aniston shares with other Hollywood leading ladies who are owning their age. Andie MacDowell, for example, spearheaded somewhat of a gray hair movement with a lockdown-induced decision to grow out her salt-and-pepper curls. Now, she thinks going gray is a “badass” way to “embrace where you are [in life] and be fearless,” she told InStyle in 2021. There’s also Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, and Jamie Lee Curtis—all of whom have happily welcomed their grays.

Although Aniston is passionate about hair care, when it comes to aging, she’s much more concerned about her overall health. “Two things are inevitable. The first, aging. The second, there’s always going to be critics,” she told Glamour. “For me, it’s more of the question of how do I take the best care of myself, physically and mentally? We can still thrive when we’re older.” 

And if that means letting some silver strands fly, so be it!


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