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How to Stop Skin Picking for Even Just a Second

How to Stop Skin Picking for Even Just a Second

When you have one helpful, you would all the time play with a fidget spinner or one other little toy that retains your arms busy and wait till the urge to select goes down, Nathan Peterson, LCSW, a therapist specializing in obsessive-compulsive problems and BFRBs, tells SELF. (Bonus tip: To keep away from messing together with your pores and skin, discovering a fidget toy that feels a bit bumpy may assist simulate the tough patches you have a tendency to hunt out, says Peterson.) Twirling your pen between your fingers and even simply frivolously stroking your sweater’s fuzzy material may help. You’re not distracting your self—you’re discovering one other resolution, and also you’re selecting to take a seat with the sensation when you’re ready for the need to select to dissipate, Peterson says.

2. Inform your self you’ll delay the selecting till later.

Whenever you get the urge to select, delay it for one more time. By placing the selecting off, you’ll get the prospect to pause and take into consideration whether or not you actually want to select or not, says Dr. Piacentini. In different phrases, you’re shopping for your self a while and giving your self a possibility to not decide. On this window, you’ll be able to select to cease selecting—at the least for a short while. After the time you set passes—let’s say you inform your self within the morning that you simply’ll decide within the night—you won’t even wish to decide in any respect, Dr. Moritz says.

Anecdotally talking: I’ve discovered this system helpful every time I notice I’m nibbling on my cuticles. As an illustration, I’ll give myself permission to chunk them in 20 minutes. The subsequent factor I knew, an hour had handed, and I didn’t even suppose to gnaw at my pores and skin.

3. Remind your self why you wish to cease selecting.

When you do begin selecting, consider your causes for wanting to interrupt the behavior with the intention to assist you to cease, says Dr. Piacentini. As an illustration, I informed myself that I now not needed to be self-conscious about shaking arms with folks I’d simply met, and that stored me motivated to curb my selecting. If pores and skin selecting is admittedly beginning to have an effect on your life—say, you don’t need anybody to see your arms as a result of they’re peeling—you’ll be able to remind your self that the aim isn’t having to fret about who’s going to note and to really feel extra relaxed in consequence.

This can be a very powerful behavior to interrupt, so don’t be too self-critical, says Peterson—as an alternative, these redirections “are useful to remind the individual that they’re stronger than the urges,” he says. And you might be! Make a listing of all of the methods wherein you’re sturdy. (Bonus: Scripting this down will hold your arms busy.) What are you actually good at? Do folks suppose you’re an awesome listener? Are you the particular person your folks all the time go to in a disaster? Reminding your self that you simply’re sturdy may provide you with a psychological increase that will help you cease selecting too! Serious about this long-term may help you regain perspective about not selecting within the second.

I nonetheless decide at my pores and skin now and again—particularly after I begin stressing out about my funds (pupil mortgage funds are actually kicking my butt proper now!) or dwell on a foolish argument with my sister. After I discover I’m pawing at myself, I rapidly squeeze my hand right into a fist or skip to a unique music on my Spotify playlist—something that blocks me from selecting. There are 1,000,000 different issues to do together with your arms—and with somewhat focus and energy, you’ll discover what works for you too.


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