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Hammer Curls: Benefits, Variations and Common Mistakes

Hammer Curls: Benefits, Variations and Common Mistakes

If you’re searching for an higher physique power routine, hammer curls are certainly going to grow to be your go-to exercise. Hammer curl is an train that targets the biceps and forearms and may be carried out with dumbbells, cables and bands. The hammer curl is a good train to construct these bicep muscle mass, and would certainly be an incredible addition to your regime.

What’s the distinction between a hammer curl and bicep curls?

Wanitha Ashok, health coach and Match India Ambassador, explains that whereas the 2 work the identical muscle, they’re executed otherwise. “The hammer curl is finished with palms dealing with one another and curling it up in the direction of the shoulder whereas retaining the elbows near the physique. Bicep curl works the identical muscle and is executed by turning the dumbbells to the entrance and taking it as much as the shoulders and again,” she says.

How does a hammer curl assist?

Hammer curls are nice in your biceps and your forearms. The primary space of focus in a hammer curl is Brachialis, which is the lengthy a part of the bicep. It additionally helps exercise a key forearm muscle known as brachioradialis. “It’s a variation train for the bicep muscle and targets the biceps and forearms, serving to enhance total higher physique power. It helps scale back the danger of damage in every day actions that contain lifting or carrying objects. Hammer curls, when accomplished together with bicep curls, assist enhance muscle definition within the biceps and forearms,” says Ashok.

What are the totally different variations of hammer curls?

Stand along with your ft hip-width aside retaining your again straight. Maintain the dumbbell along with your palm dealing with inwards. It ought to be resting simply above your thigh. Be sure that your elbow is in a cushty place and near your aspect. Stand tall, have interaction your core, and hold your again straight. Curl the dumbbell up in the direction of your reverse shoulder, paying explicit consideration to retaining your elbow in a secure and glued place. Cease when your elbow is at a 90-degree angle, and maintain your place for at the least two seconds. Slowly carry the dumbbell again in the direction of the beginning place, till your arm is prolonged once more. Preserve a slight bend in your arm to take care of a very good stage of resistance.

  • Chest-Supported Hammer Curl

    You would want an incline bench for this one. Begin by resting your chest on the higher portion of the bench. Your arms, on this place, ought to be pointed on the flooring, with palms dealing with one another. Now, increase the dumbbells to your shoulders and decrease them. When you carry them again, ensure to stretch your arms out absolutely.

  • Banded Hammer curl

    Because the title suggests, you would want bands for this one. Preserve the band underneath your ft and stretch it as much as your arms. Your palms have to be dealing with one another. Now, curl the band upward by bending your elbows however not transferring your higher arms. Return to your beginning place.

  • Swiss bar Hammer curl

    Rise up straight with the Swiss bar in your palms. Flex your triceps, hold your elbows and arms straight after which curl the Swiss bar upto your shoulders. Slowly decrease it again.

Hammer curl
The hammer curl can show to be a really efficient type of exercise, if it’s accomplished in the fitting method.

Widespread errors whereas doing hammer curls

In accordance with Ashok, there are two main errors for many hammer curl variations.

  • Utilizing heavier weights too early: This could result in an damage. It’s higher to make use of much less weight and concentrate on extra reps with correct type.
  • Utilizing the physique’s momentum to finish the train as a substitute of muscle: This usually occurs as a result of the lifter may lack data or is utilizing an excessive amount of weight.

She says, “The hammer curl can show to be a really efficient type of exercise, if it’s accomplished in the fitting method. You will need to perceive train physiology. In the event you lack on this space, you possibly can all the time contemplate taking the companies of an authorized health coach, who can construction the exercise routine.”

When ought to hammer curls be accomplished and what number of?

Hammer curls is usually a common a part of your higher physique exercise routine. Nonetheless, you will need to do not forget that whereas introducing these, the reps and units ought to be progressively deliberate. “Begin with fewer reps and construct the reps and units and step by step enhance,” says Ashok.


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