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Evaluation: Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara – …


Was this item merely the newest design in an exhausted item sector, relying on its distinct gimmick to shift units? I had presumed that it would have been loading a Duracell and therefore double in length – possibly I was simply hopeful so that it might have an alternative use if not flattering for my lashes! The theory behind it is that the horizontal vibration of the wand coats lashes uniformly, making them glossy and reaching their full extension capacity.
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My lashes appeared well covered with the product and were well defined. Compared to my non made-up lashes the Pulse Perfection Mascara appeared to widen my eye shape and brighten in colour due to the deep black colour of the make up. I choose my lashes to look thicker when I utilize mascara and I don't believe this item is actually designed to add that width. It does extend your lashes, but after a couple of coats they were looking a little obstructed, resulting in a heavy feeling. At ₤ 14.99 (RRP) this is roughly 40% more costly than other mascaras from the Maybelline variety – simply a few more pounds and you're in Yves Saint Laurent incorrect lash mascara territory.


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