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What to do when hair shampoo does more damage than excellent

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky Back in the olden days, individuals utilized soap to clean their hair just like they did the rest of their body. It worked pretty well and, unusually enough, it didn’t do the kind of damage that business shampoos do today. The excellent news is that they work – sort of.
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A couple of even claim that utilizing sulfate hair shampoos leads to hair loss, and for others sulfates cause frizz, divided ends and dryness. Another is to turn to other kinds of products that can clean the hair as well, if not much better, than shampoo. It can be made into an easy paste by mixing a tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of water, then use the paste to the hair simply like shampoo. They provide a method to clean the hair without using hair shampoo. In addition, unique Wen formulas claim to resolve a myriad of issues like frizz, flat hair, dull hair or fading color.


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