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Best lubricants to make your sex life smooth

Best lubricants to make your sex life smooth

Sexual lubricants have become an integral part of sexual intercourse. From reducing vaginal dryness to increasing comfort and pleasure during intercourse, lubricants can enhance your sexual life. For the unversed, it is a fluid or gel substance that helps you get rid of genital dryness or inadequate natural lubrication that causes discomfort or pain that comes with sex. And who would mind some extra wetness?

Experts have found that lubricants make sex more pleasurable sans any sort of discomfort. The use of lubricants for sex creates enough moisture that makes sexual activities better. But not all lubricants are the same! You need to choose the one that suits you better. Here’s a small guide on lubricants that might help you.

Choose the right lubricants for sex

Enjoy your sex life by choosing the right lubricants that enhance your sexual life:

1. Oil-based lubricant

Oil-based lubricants are the best for people who are looking for something that lasts very long. With this type of lube, you won’t have to worry about reapplying it over and over again. While it might make interesting in the sack, it might create a problem if you’re wearing a latex condom. Applying an oil-based lube while using a latex condom is not such as good idea as it can increase the risk of rips and tears as well.

This lubricant by YES OB Organic is a premium intimate lubricant formulated using pure plant oils like sunflower and jojoba. It provides moisture to any sort of dryness. It claims to be synthetic, chemical, and additive free. It is considered ideal for people with sensitive skin by giving pleasure during intimacy. Not only does this lubricant give you relief from dryness by maintaining the natural pH balance but also can be added to your kitty if you are looking for a massage oil for your body. You get two different sizes of this lubricant that you can choose from.

2. Silicone-based lubricant

Silicone lubes are considered very effective, given the formula. They don’t contain any water, which means they will last a lot longer. They are considered safe for people with sensitive skin. However, you might feel that these are different in texture. But if you have been looking for something that lasts longer, silicone-based lubricants might be the best.

Durex Real Feel Long-Lasting Lubricant, available in a convenient 50ml size, delivers an exceptional intimate experience. This silicone-based lube outlasts water-based alternatives, lasting three times longer for uninterrupted pleasure. Its non-sticky, velvety texture creates a smooth, natural feel, enhancing comfort during intimacy. Durex Real Feel also boasts a delightful warmth that intensifies the experience. Whether solo or with a partner, trust Durex for a friction-free, long-lasting encounter that heightens your satisfaction. Experience the ultimate in sensuality with Durex Real Feel, designed to make every moment unforgettable.

3. Water-based lubricants

Just like the name, these lubricants are water-soluble that contain water and are considered all-purpose lubes. Experts believe that water-based lubricants are better and safer than the other ones. They are safe to use with condoms and all sex toys as well. The one con is that they dry out too fast so you might need to reapply quite often.

You can try the water-based lubricants by Durex. Durex Lube Sensual, Stimulating & Aloe pack of three 200ml water-based lubricants promises heightened pleasure. It claims to enhance intimacy with silky, non-sticky glide. It has a stimulating formula that can help enhance your sexual experience by being as seamless as possible.

4. Natural lubricant

Are you concerned about the kind of ingredients that are going into these lubes? Why not try a natural lubricant especially made using natural ingredients? Aloe vera is one of the most popular and best ingredients that nature has to offer. So, you can invest in a lubricant that is aloe-vera based.

Make your intimate movements even more sensual with this Aloe-based Massage Gel by ThatSassyThing. It claims to be made with all things natural, pH-balanced, and water-based lubricant. It is a gentle, aloe-infused formula that ensures a comfortable and non-sticky experience. This premium and versatile gel promises a silky-smooth, worry-free experience that enhances pleasure.

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