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4 Remedies for Constipation That Won’t Accidentally Give You Diarrhea

4 Remedies for Constipation That Won’t Accidentally Give You Diarrhea

Earlier than you mess around with fiber dietary supplements, speak to a health care provider or registered dietitian. These drugs and powders can affect how properly some medicines work, and a few well being situations, like celiac illness, can flare up because of some fiber sources (like these involving wheat).

For those who strive a complement, Dr. Sreenivasan recommends growing the dosage very steadily, on condition that going from zero to 100 may cause diarrhea and different discomfort. His recommendation: Take a 3rd of regardless of the bundle recommends then, after a day or two, improve it to a half, and after a day or two strive the total advisable quantity. (Discuss to a health care provider about whether or not it is best to preserve taking the complement usually after a given bout of constipation passes.) Once more, everybody’s our bodies react to fiber otherwise, so go sluggish to search out the dose that works for you, Dr. Sreenivasan says.

3. Transfer your physique.

Parking your self in a chair for hours on finish can be thought to deliver your bowels to a screeching halt. “I at all times inform folks: For those who’re sitting round all day and never transferring, your intestines are sitting round all day and never transferring,” says Dr. Sreenivasan.

To fight this, transfer your physique as a lot as you may all through the day. (Analysis signifies that bodily exercise stimulates your stomach muscle tissues and accelerates your poop’s journey by your rectum.) You don’t have to do an hour-long HIIT class on the gymnasium or go on a five-mile jog (although vigorous exercise will certainly assist, proof exhibits). Standing up and transferring round each hour or so, occurring 20- to 30-minute walks every day, or stretching a bit as you watch TV can get up your bowels, says Dr. Sreenivasan.

4. Give laxatives a shot—however strategy with warning.

If the above suggestions don’t make a distinction, it may be time to move to the pharmacy, says Dr. Sreenivasan. There’s a time and a spot for laxatives, you simply need to watch out about what you utilize—particularly if you wish to keep away from the runs. Many over-the-counter laxatives, together with pure stimulants like senna and medicines like bisacodyl, are harsh in your colon—they’ll probably irritate and inflame your bowels, inflicting them to cramp up and spew out no matter’s inside, says Dr. Ganjhu. (For those who’ve taken these, you understand they’ve the ability to set off notably intense diarrhea). It’s at all times a good suggestion to speak to your physician and get their two cents earlier than experimenting with laxatives.

From there, Dr. Sreenivasan recommends utilizing a gentler laxative, like polyethylene glycol (a.ok.a. Miralax, my group chat’s namesake). This “provides additional water to the colon and gently stimulates the colon to contract and loosen up to maneuver the stool,” he explains. Glycerin and magnesium citrate, each of which Dr. Ganjhu additionally recommends, equally draw extra water into the colon to melt issues up.

For those who can’t shake the constipation it doesn’t matter what you strive, a health care provider may need to run some exams to see in case you have a extra severe well being situation (comparable to hypothyroidism or pelvic ground dysfunction) that could possibly be slowing down your intestine. They could additionally counsel one other intervention, like including probiotics to your food plan or prescription medicines, to deliver issues again on top of things.

No matter you do, don’t freak out and overdo it with dietary supplements or laxatives—beginning with plenty of water and fiber-rich meals is your greatest guess, and taking it sluggish with OTC treatments is essential if you wish to keep away from a hellish case of the runs. The constipation received’t final endlessly! (You may, nevertheless, get completely trapped in a textual content thread devoted to your bowel actions—and, sadly, there is no such thing as a remedy for that.)


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