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4 health risks of anal sex without condom

4 health risks of anal sex without condom

Most individuals use condoms to keep away from undesirable being pregnant or infections or illnesses that may get transmitted throughout intercourse. Some assume being pregnant just isn’t a priority throughout anal intercourse, so utilizing condoms doesn’t make sense. In any case, skipping condom could make the skin-to-skin contact extra satisfying. Some even really feel that they’ll bond higher with their associate in the event that they don’t use safety throughout a sexual exercise. However similar to vaginal intercourse, having anal intercourse with out a condom comes with its set of well being dangers.

What’s anal intercourse?

Anal intercourse is a sexual exercise that includes penetration of an erect penis within the anus of one other individual. Some even realize it as bareback intercourse, which is a time period generally used within the LGBTQ+ group. It’s principally used to explain males who’ve anal intercourse with different males with out utilizing a condom. Anal fingering or utilizing intercourse toys also can make anal intercourse extra enjoyable.

Keep away from having anal intercourse with out a condom. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

Well being dangers of anal intercourse with out utilizing a condom

Whether or not you need to have intercourse with a condom or not, is determined by you and your associate. So, open and trustworthy communication along with your associate about sexual well being is vital. However it’s best to know that anal intercourse with out a condom can pose varied well being dangers and issues.

1. Sexually Transmitted Infections

Condoms act as a barrier, lowering the danger of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) resembling HIV, gonorrhea and chlamydia, says Dr Manmeet Batra, Senior Guide – Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Ludhiana. They forestall direct contact between the penis and rectal tissues, minimizing the transmission of infectious fluids. In the event you don’t use condoms, you would possibly get contaminated.

2. HIV

Properly, probably the most dependable methods to keep away from transmission of sexually transmitted illness (STD) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are to not have intercourse or be in a long-term monogamous relationship with a associate who just isn’t contaminated. However not utilizing condoms can improve the danger of STD and HIV. The virus might be current in semen and rectal fluids. Condoms create a barrier that considerably reduces the danger of transmission.

3. Bacterial infections

It isn’t simply sexually transmitted infections, however having anal intercourse with out a condom might result in passing on bacterial infections and viruses to one another. With condom, it’s much less dangerous.

4. Much less consolation

It’s best to use condoms as they usually come pre-lubricated, which may improve consolation throughout anal intercourse, says the skilled. Additionally, they’ll scale back friction, making the expertise extra pleasurable for each the companions. Lubrication is vital as there’s a fragile tissue contained in the anus that’s inclined to ripping, and that may not solely be uncomfortable but in addition improve your danger of infections.

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Precautions for anal intercourse

You need to keep in mind that utilizing condoms throughout anal intercourse aligns with protected intercourse practices. Different ideas are:

1. Consent and communication

Prioritise open communication and be certain that you and your associate are consenting and comfy with the exercise. Focus on boundaries, wishes and issues beforehand, suggests Dr Batra.

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Publish-sex care is essential. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

2. Lubrication

Use loads of water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Not like the vagina, the anus doesn’t naturally lubricate as a lot, so further lubrication is essential to stop discomfort or potential tearing.

3. Leisure

Your associate ought to be relaxed, so foreplay, leisure strategies and communication can contribute to a extra snug expertise.

4. Secure intercourse practices

In the event you and your associate select to modify between anal and vaginal penetration throughout the identical session, change condoms to stop the switch of micro organism from the rectum to the vagina.

5. Hygiene

Clear the anal space correctly earlier than participating in anal play. Having a shower might help to make sure cleanliness.

6. Respect limits

Be conscious of one another’s consolation ranges and bounds. If any associate expresses discomfort or needs to cease, respect their needs instantly.

7. Publish-sex care

After anal intercourse, apply good hygiene. Washing with gentle cleaning soap and water might help to stop infections. If condoms had been used, be sure you dispose them correctly.

An excellent intercourse life is all about open communication, consent and prioritising the well-being and luxury of your associate, in addition to specializing in pleasure for each of you.

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