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10 chair exercises to strengthen legs

10 chair exercises to strengthen legs

Chair workout routines are nice in your decrease physique. You might be seated or use a chair as a assist to exercise. Listed below are some chair workout routines to strengthen your legs.

Working from a desk is kind of frequent, but it surely shouldn’t be an excuse for an absence of time for train. Even in case you are seated, you may work your decrease physique. You’ll be able to all the time seize a chair and begin understanding. Chair workout routines can concentrate on the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, and assist to make your legs robust. Allow us to inform you a number of the finest chair workout routines for strengthening your legs.

What are chair workout routines?

Exercises that may be performed whereas seated in a chair are referred to as chair workout routines. Their emphasis is on energy, flexibility and endurance, says bodybuilder and health coach Chitharesh Natesan.

What are one of the best chair workout routines to strengthen legs?

Chair workout routines aren’t only for newcomers. Workouts utilizing chairs might be useful for folks of any age, although they’re beginner-friendly. Those that are therapeutic from accidents, have restricted mobility or are in search of a low-impact train will discover them particularly useful, says the professional.

Woman doing chair exercise
You’ll be able to train by utilizing a chair. Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Listed below are a number of the workout routines for legs:

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1. Seated leg lifts

• Sit upright in your chair.
• Straighten one or each your legs and maintain it for a number of seconds.
• Decrease the leg or legs with out letting them contact the ground.

2. Chair squats

• Stand in entrance of the chair with ft shoulder-width aside.
• Decrease your physique down such as you do whereas sitting then stand again up.

3. Seated marching

• Sit along with your ft flat on the bottom.
• Raise one knee towards the chest after which decrease.
• Repeat with the opposite leg.

4. Calf raises

Whereas seated, raise your heels off the bottom, elevating onto your toes then decrease again down.

5. Seated aspect leg lifts

• Sit proper on the sting of your chair.
• Raise one leg to the aspect, then decrease.
• Repeat on the opposite aspect.

6. Chair lunges

• Stand dealing with the chair.
• Take a step again with one foot and decrease right into a lunge, then return to the beginning place.

7. Chair step-ups

• Maintain one foot on the seat of your chair.
• Step up onto the chair after which again down.

8. Seated bicycle crunches

• Sit on the chair with arms behind your head.
• Carry one knee towards the other elbow, alternating sides.

9. Seated leg circles

Lengthen one leg and make small circles along with your foot in a single course, then the opposite.

10. Seated heel faucets

• Sit down along with your ft flat on the ground.
• Raise one foot and faucet the heel on the bottom, then change to the opposite foot.

These exercises concentrate on the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes, amongst different leg muscular teams. They contribute to elevated muscle flexibility, endurance and energy. Frequent apply helps to enhance stability, mobility, or general decrease physique operate, says Natesan.

Woman doing chair exercise
Keep a superb posture whereas doing chair workout routines. Picture courtesy: Adobe inventory

The chair workout routines appear to be simple, however there are some dos and don’ts to be adopted:


• Keep a superb posture all through the chair workout routines.
• Interact your core for stability.
• Carry out a warm-up earlier than beginning chair workout routines.
• Start with a snug variety of repetitions then enhance it step by step.
• Hearken to your physique and modify the chair workout routines as wanted.


• Keep away from slouching or leaning excessively.
• Don’t use momentum; concentrate on managed actions.
• When you expertise ache, cease doing the chair train.
• Don’t maintain your breath; bear in mind to breathe constantly.

Whether or not you might be working from dwelling or workplace, all you want is a chair to do these workout routines.

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