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Get the right shade and product for the impact you want

Author: Charlotte Kuchinsky August 12 2007

woman dyeing her hair

 woman dyeing her hair It is approximated that somewhere between 65 and 75 percent of women dye their hair. Even more intriguing, nevertheless, is the fact that a substantial percentage of guys are taking part the trend. While ladies dye for a range of factors, guys mainly use coloring items to cover their gray or to bring back the depth of their natural hair color.

Females have actually been dyeing their hair for hundreds of years. It is believed that ancient Egyptians began the practice. Ladies today color their hair for a great deal of factors; sometimes they are just searching for a modification, at other times they simply wish to brighten their natural color – the reasons for dyeing are as numerous as the colours that are now offered in today’s market. But how does a woman choose the right color and/or the best kind of hair dye?

Picking Your Hair Dye

It is important to understand the various kinds of hair dyes in order to pick the right one for your hair. Because many dyes consist of chemicals that can harm the hair if used incorrectly, selecting the best color is incredibly important. To ensure the least amount of hair damage, it is best to pick a color that mixes well with your natural color; the lighter in color you choose to dye your hair, the higher possibility you will incur extreme hair damage.

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 female dyeing her hair It is approximated that somewhere in between 65 and 75 percent of ladies color their hair. Irreversible hair dyeing employs a procedure that strips the existing hair cuticle of its color and prepares it for the infusion of a brand-new shade. Like irreversible dyes, semi-permanent hair color likewise penetrates into the hair shaft. These dyes include a lead acetate that permeates the hair cuticle to respond with the hair’s protein and sulfurs, consequently darkening the hair shaft. It can trigger a great deal of damage if utilized over hair that has actually already been colored with other hair items, chemically treated to straighten or curl, or if you attempt to go too many tones lighter than your natural color.


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