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18 Best Gifts for Hosts and Hostesses in 2023

18 Best Gifts for Hosts and Hostesses in 2023

I love being the friend who hosts dinners and throws parties, and while it’s totally chill for folks to show up empty-handed, it’s always nice to get a little something-something in return. The best host gifts I’ve received (and given) are useful, unexpected, and can be put to use right away—but it’s even better when their shelf life lasts beyond the housewarming, birthday, or just-because gathering.

Bottles of wine and cheese plates are forever welcome, but a host gift that takes into account your loved one’s personality or home is what will give you a reputation as a Superguest. Presents like the quick-cooling HyperChiller, which can turn coffee or vino from lukewarm to frosty in under a minute, or this eye-catching apron from Dusen Dusen will likely win you some brownie guest points. Read on for our full list of the best gift ideas for hosts, from retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, Williams Sonoma, Anthropologie, and Harry & David.

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